It’s That Time Of Year…

9163eae3d824b3fe5b85ef9f726843d2Yeah… it happened… it’s officially 2014!

Whenever New Years comes around, I hear everyone talking about New Years Resolutions, whether they are excited or annoyed by them, they all tend to sound the same…

-join a gym

-eat healthier

-read “x” amount of books

-travel more

blah blah blah…

You get the point. I am a very goal oriented person myself so setting goals is essential for me to function. The thing about goals, in my opinion, is they need to be attainable. For example, if you’re like me, you do NOT work out (I have however, made several very pitiful attempts at going to the gym, usually ending with a trip to McDonald’s). Obviously, setting a “New Years Resolution” to go to the gym is absolutely out of the question for people like us! I tend to set goals for myself on an almost daily basis, whether I need to pay a certain bill on time, save “x” amount of money for a trip, remember to call my grandma every week, or actually cooking at home once in a while (you know, the whole short term vs. long term goals). OH, and you can’t forget to reward yourself when you do reach your goals, usually mine is in the form of sweets, or even a new shirt. What I’m really trying to say here, is that “New Years Resolutions” don’t necessarily have to be set in stone or set on New Years, sit down with a pen and paper, or keep a mental list(I cant even imagine doing that since my mind has so many things going on in it 24/7, but whatever floats your boat). The main thing to remember about goals is to do it on your own time, whatever that pace may be. For you readers who are starting to think about the million things you need to do this year like  planning your wedding, or starting your new job, graduating college, just remember to take it day by day. There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. I used to hate when people told me “it gets better” but to be completely honest, there hasn’t been many instances in my life that this statement hasn’t proven to be true.

Okay so, either I have completely motivated you to set your goals and you already have a pen and paper out, I’ve given you the worst anxiety about all the things you need to be doing, or I have completely annoyed you with all this talk about goals. In my case, I am somewhere in between getting ready to pull out a piece of paper and pen, my chest is starting to hurt thinking about all the things I need to do, and I’m thinking about what I will be eating for lunch. Set goals, don’t set goals, do what makes you happy. At the end of the day, it is your life, so the only one who has to be happy is you. A new year means new beginnings, make it a good one!

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Last-minute shopping? No problem!

In this crazy time of year, I know we are all guilty of last minute shopping to finish off the end of that Christmas shopping list. Avoid the chaos of Walmart, Target, and the mall, and shop local! We have some great options for last minute gifts :)

How about a framed chalk board? Useful to the chef of the house, a college dorm, a cute room accent, and many more!


Or a calendar to prepare for the new year?  Cute and practical!


For the trendy techie, iPad cases!


These Ever So Lovely flashy studs are adorable, great for women of all ages, and would be the perfect touch to that New Years dress 😉


Lastly, these clever quoted trays are perfect for holding jewelry or other knick-knacks.


Happy shopping and merry Christmas! <3




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12 Days of Christmas: Day 4!


For Day 4, we picked these adorable soap trays. They were even featured on Good Morning America! They’re the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, as well as for a hostess gift. Herringbone is classic, and will never go out of style.


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12 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Before we know it, 2014 will be here! What better way to start out the new year than to start getting organized. These Russell and Hazel Binders are a great way to keep up with your busy schedules, whether it’s keeping track of appointments, keeping notes, or retaining client information, we have all the inserts you need to stay on track all year long. And what a fashionable way to do it! inserts binders

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 1

With only twelve days until Christmas, from now until Christmas we will be doing something special each day of the countdown! Today, of course, is a blog :)

While many holiday parties and gatherings have already began, there are still plenty more to come. One of the many cute additions we have here at Cute Buttons to really top off the party, are these adorable cocktail napkins! They are great conversation-starters, blend into your other cute holiday decorations, and all have clever sayings!





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