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A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Sometimes in the morning when I’m getting dressed I try to channel some of my favorite style icons. This morning as I pulled out a pair of black slacks with the hems casually rolled, a favorite soft black and white light-weight sweater, and simple black flats I thought to myself, this is a Jean Seberg day.

A swipe of red lipstick and a jaunty silk scarf tied around my neck later I glanced in the mirror and realized that my high school career aptitude test result of “mime artist” was staring back at me. I wish I were joking. You should see how convincingly I can get stuck in an invisible box. I find the the no talking aspect of a career in miming to be far too limiting, so here I am in the wedding industry.

My sartorial failure is your gain though, as I still have Jean Seberg on the brain and am choosing some inspiration that has that certain…

Je Ne Sais Quoi
I over-accessorize. I’m 100% sure that the scarf is what pushed me over the edge into mime territory. But did I take it off? No. It’s Christian Lacroix sweetie! The scarf stays. But Jean Seberg, man, she’s so stunning without any accessories other than a bold red lip.

Like Jean, the spotlight suite from Designers’ Fine Press keeps it simple and elegant. I adore everything about this invitation. In my opinion any invitation that eschews a script font in favor of a clean sans-serif is the epitome of chic.

I’m going to skip ahead of myself and talk about this dress from online retailer eShakti. This poplin shirt dress reminds me a little of the striped dress Seberg wears in the classic French New Wave film À bout de souffle.

Now back to the shoes, how gorgeous are these timeless wedges by famed St. Tropez shoe company K. Jacques. There’s no clever secret tying in the color of the orange leather to the rest of this wedding inspiration. Nope, orange is just one of my favorite colors. :)

Speaking of which, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #201 (Orange Imagine) is my daily go-to shade. I’ve read somewhere that people with thin lips and a pale complexion should stay away from such shades, but to that I say pppppfffftttttttt. Just like my Lacroix sweetie, I like it and I’m gonna wear it.

I mentioned I’m guilty of over-accessorizing but I’m trying to keep it very classic and French here, and what is more French than iconic luxury brand Cartier? This simple band is done in a very modern rose gold material.

Lastly, the location. Local favorite, the Fearrington Village is a property owned by the Relais & Châteaux association which was born of six French properties known as the “Route du Bonheur.” One of these six properties was the Château de La Chèvre d’Or built on slopes overlooking the sea between Nice and Monoco in the medieval village of Eze. I’m ready to pack my bags!

So whether you over-accessorize, under-accessorize, prefer French New Wave or Film Noir, we can find something to fit your inspiration here at Cute Buttons. Give us a call at 919.462.9618 or email us at hello@shopcutebuttons.com to set up an appointment to look at wedding invitations today!

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