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Favorite First Ladies

Favorite First Ladies

Happy Presidents’ Day! I don’t have a need for a mattress (seriously, when did Presidents’ Day become the defacto holiday to buy mattresses on sale?!) so to celebrate I’m rounding up some of my favorite first ladies and giving them an invitation I feel fits their style and personality!

Abigail and Bella Figura

Oh Abigail. Your reminder to husband John to remember the ladies makes my heart flutter. Abigail was the daughter of a minister and though she had no formal education her mother taught her to read and Abigail availed herself of her grandfather’s library to study both English and French literature. By the time she met John Adams she was quite versed in politics, philosophy and poetry. It’s no wonder Adams was smitten with the shy Abigail.

For Abigail and John I chose the Chatsworth Invitaiton by Bella Figura. It’s traditional, maybe a little quiet and understated, but it’s by no means timid.

Dolley and Haute Papier

Dolley was a young widow when Aaron Burr (yes THAT Aaron Burr) introduced her to James Madison. As first lady, Dolley took her responsibility as an entertaining hostess to heart. She became quite the toast of the town and aided in her husband’s popularity as president. Not only that, but it was Dolley that saw to it that a portrait of George Washington be saved as Washington, D.C. burned in 1814.

For young socialite Dolley who knew how to throw a party I think the very festive, very chic Violet invitation suite from Haute Papier is perfectly fitting.

Eleanor and Crane

I’m gonna say it. Eleanor, girl, you deserved better. FDR was a great president but what an awful husband. And that mother in law of yours?! But you managed it with grace, dignity and you completely redefined the role of the first lady! You had opinions, you had goals, you had a newspaper column! You fought for human rights, children’s causes and women’s issues, you worked on behalf of the League of Women Voters. Tina and Amy are right, “b*tches get stuff done.

For Eleanor I picked a very traditional dignified Crane invitation. Eleanor didn’t have time to fuss over her invitations, she had policy to promote and good works to do! This simple Crane invitation fits her post as a politician’s wife and isn’t overly trendy.

Jackie and Vera Wang

So, I wouldn’t consider Jackie Kennedy Onassis one of my favorite first ladies (though, her cousin and aunt, Edith and Edie Beale are fascinating) but she is certainly one of the most popular first ladies we’ve ever had. As first lady she was quite traditional in her role, quietly supporting her husband, much of her appeal was her grace, style, and beauty. However, in her later years as an editor and architectural preservationist Jackie truly blossomed into her own person for me.

For Jackie, this Vera Wang invitation has it all, it’s traditional, luxe, and has a hint of modernity.

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Photo Credits First Ladies: Wikipedia (Abigail | Dolley | Eleanor | Jackie)
Photo Credits Invitations: Bella Figura| Haute Papier via Jodi Miller Photography | Crane | Vera Wang