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Pre-wedding Party Tips!

Pre-wedding Party Tips!

Pre-wedding Party Tips!

We are officially in the midst of wedding season! YAY! Weddings are such a joyous time, and there is always a TON of fun celebrating to be done! Featured in this blog post are three invitations – one for a couple shower, one for a bridal brunch, and one for a rehearsal dinner – and helpful tips and information about the invitations, etiquette, and the parties themselves. Get ready!

Couples ShowerCouple Shower

What It Is: Similar to a dinner or cocktail party, a couples shower includes both male and female relatives and close friends, revolves around gifts, and can range in formality. The idea behind a couples shower is basically a bridal shower for the couple rather than the bride. These invitations are generally sent out six to eight weeks before the date.

The Guest List: Feel free to invite relatives and close friends, as well as the wedding party. However, we recommend doing a little thinking ahead of time to steer clear of your slightly more traditional guests who may not enjoy the modernity of a coed shower.

Popular Themes: “Stock the Bar,” “Kitchen and Tool Shed,” “Fiery Fiesta,” and “The Great Outdoors.”


Bridesmaids Brunches & Lunches

What It Is: These gatherings are often more intimate and are held to thank the bridesmaids for standing by the bride’s side on her big day and throughout the process. Typically these all-female gatherings happen between a week or two or a day or two before the wedding (these invitations should be sent at-least three weeks before the event).Bridesmaids Brunch

Traditions: Often, the bride will take this time to give out her bridesmaids gifts to show her appreciation. This can include something special between the bride and her bridesmaids, something the bride would like them to wear on the wedding day, or something else just as fabulous! Another tradition for this luncheon is the bridesmaids’ cake. Hidden inside the cake is some sort of small trinket. The cake is sliced and eaten, and whichever bridesmaid finds the trinket while eating her piece is thought to be the next to get married.

Who Hosts: The etiquette of hosting duties is rather flexible when it comes to this event! Generally speaking, it is hosted by the bride in honor of her bridesmaids to thank her ladies!


Rehearsal Dinner

What It Is: A rehearsal dinner is a less formal get together the night before the wedding, after the actual wedding rehearsal. This time is much more relaxed with a smaller crowd, and helps make everyone feel comfortable and excited before the big day! These invitations should go out two to three weeks before the wedding.

History: The rehearsal dinner tradition began years and years ago (just for the wedding party) for two main reasons: to get them fed post rehearsal, and to give the mother of the bride one less thing to have to do. Nowadays, the rehearsal still only includes the wedding party, whereas close family and friends, and out of town guests are often invited to the dinner aspect.

What To Expect: FiRehearsal Dinnerrst, the rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to welcome everybody! It’s great for catching up and spending some time in a less hectic environment, since the wedding night often goes by so fast. Usually, as dinner is ending, the toasts will begin. Most often, the father of the groom will start, followed by the groom. Finally, after more socializing and mingling and before people start to head home, there will be a portion of time dedicated to last minute reminders. Make sure to check that everyone knows what’s happening, where, and when (at the minimum)!

The girls at Cute Buttons would absolutely LOVE to help you with wedding tips and tidbits and to design any kind of invitation your heart desires to make the moments leading up to your wedding perfect!